how it works
Rescue your unwanted plants
Indoor or outdoor, house or garden, happy or sad. We collect them for free. Then treat them to some "plant spa" time, TL:C and repotting if necessary.
Rehome via pop-up events
Where other plant lovers can buy our rescued friends at a fair price, happy knowing that profits will be donated to an environmental charity,
Plants needing rescue? Love to help!

Pop-up event news? Love to invite you!

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who we are
Plant lovers on a mission
Driven by a love of plants, we decided to contribute towards conserving the planet our young children will grow up in. We recycle and reuse as much as possible, including plastic plant pots (don't get us started on that...)
Two friends with different skill sets
An experienced eco-gardener and a multi-passionate entrepreneur, we had an "aha" moment and collaborated to create a social enterprise, The Plant Hotel.